So if your reading my blog you may be here to know a little more about me and my crazy family of five? Well here it goes. My name is Katelyn, I am 23, I have been married for 4 years, I have 3 children, 1 dog, 2 kittens, 2 snakes…… Oh well, I guess that’s kind of short haha. Well it’s all true but I also can say that I love spending time with my husband and children. They are my

whole life

My husband is my rock and my Best Friend. I can share everything and anything with him and vice versa. My three children goes as follows; Hunter, my oldest is five, he loves his cat, drives a gas powered motorcycle, is my husbands mini-me, and loves terrorizing his baby sister. Cheyenne, my second is 22 months old, loves her little kitten, has a pet stuffed monkey, loves baby wearing her stuffed animals, and already is a breastfeeding advocate. Then there is my youngest, Colton, who is almost 3 months old. He scared me the most (and Hunter has had broken bones!) Colton has went through 2 surgeries (one on his intestines and one on his liver) spent the first 2 1/2 months in the NICU and now has a half dozen doctors, home care health and physical therapy. He was born with hydrocephalus besides being a preemie (born at 33 1/2 weeks.) But overall, he looks completely normal! And normal as in he doesn’t have a balloon head. It is a bit larger than average, but he is just perfect to me.

People keep telling me how they couldn’t do what I do. That they are not strong enough. But I think they could if it was an absolute necessity. I know I still wish Colton was born perfectly healthy but I can’t change anything. All I can do is just love them all and guide them through life as best as I can.

Right now as I cuddle with Colton on my lap, Cheyenne running around in her new prefold cloth diaper (I made it out of an old winter zip up outfit and a towel) it’s pretty cute! Hunter went to sleep and so here we are just relaxing and keeping this mantra in mind.

1. Let go and look ahead.
2.Breath deep when times get rough.
3. We are survivors.
4. We are strong.
6. We will survive.

And if your going through tough times just remember that everyone goes through some sort of troubles. They may be harder than yours, maybe not, but we can all relate in some way. And it’s better to talk

or in my case write

then to bottle it up and wait for the day to explode. Talk to a friend, a counselor, etc. just get it out! I hope you all have a wonderful night and bless you all!


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