On April 15th I drove to the emergency room with severe pains and my amniotic fluid was leaking. I was only 33 weeks. At the Mercy Hospital in Northwest Arkansas they tried stabilizing me but ended up flying me in an airplane to Little Rock at the UAMS (University of Arkansas Medical Sciences).


        They were temporarily able to stabilize me long enough to make the contractions not so painful or quick. An ultrasound revealed that besides his extra fluid on the brain (which we were already aware of) he also had a hole in his heart, duodenal atresia, pancreas was swelling around part of the intestine, and a horse shoe kidney. They proceeded to tell me that he may not live for very long. I believed at that time I started bawling and no one could console me. My husband was over 200 miles away and even though I had my mother there, it still was not the same.


      The next day I woke up bleeding. I paged the nurse and they came running. She told me that it wasn’t to bad and that they would watch me closely. Well as the day went on I continued to bleed and the contractions kept coming worse. By oneish in the afternoon they gave me a muscle relaxer as a last effort to stop the contractions. Well….it didn’t work and in fact it made the contractions come in quicker bursts for instance, at one point there was no break from the pain and it was all back labor. It took almost two hours for them to figure out what to do.


         Finally after coming in during one of my manic episodes of sporadic bursts of mad woman screaming and acting like I was going to punch someone…scratch that I would’ve if they would have gotten closer. The sobbing and crazy demands for someone to massage my lower back. Well after the doctor checked me she finally realized how far all I was and that nothing was going to stop the contractions. It seemed like it took hours for them to wheel me to the elevators and up a few flights before getting settled into my new room.


          One nurse grabbed my arm and told me to scoot onto the other bed………..I think I growled as I grabbed with both hands the other side rail….oh Lordy I am so glad my mom didn’t know how to video tape that. 10 almost 15 minutes of pushing I gave birth naturally via no pain meds (other than the muscle relaxer they gave me a few hours before) into the world at 4:08 pm on April 17th.


           Colton RayJames McKim was born at 33 1/2 weeks premature and with all the aforementioned problems. My husband finally made it after rushing down at 6 pm and was able to see him before the flew him to the children’s hospital. I didn’t get to hold him till the next day…..Cory, my husband, still hasn’t been able to hold him…


Will write more as this is getting hard. I should have more up on his updates tomorrow.

          On April 15th


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