Today I have been in the NICU for 34 days. If I hadn’t brought my other two children with me it would be a very bleak existence. But even with my two older children and my mother in law….I am still very lonely. Each and every day I miss seeing my husband. I miss being able to talk to him face to face, the back rubs, the smiles, etc. Once a week I travel over 200 miles just so me and the kids can see Cory. Even though it costs us his whole check I do it anyways because my children need both their parents. I know some may be uncomfortable around me because of me asking for help. Well I just want to say that out of the seven years of me and Cory being together, is is the first time we’ve ever asked for help. I will gladly beg needed be just to help my children. That’s being a parent. I would rather sacrifice my pride to further my children’s life. Sometimes it sucks and then suck some more, but each day is different. Each day is a new world to explore. To create memories and store away old ones for future use. 


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