The good and the bad


The past couple days have been very enlightening for me. I have learned that yes, there are very kind and caring people in this world. And that yes, there are still plenty of despicable people as well. I am so grateful for living in this part of the world where most people have a heart of gold and that they genuinely care about others.

My mother set up a donation jar at the bus stop where she works and people have been so kind with their spare change. And at Marvin’s in Pea Ridge they also had a jar up. These generous and kind people have helped us enough that I’ve been able to fill my car up a few times in the past month. I also have been able to buy the kids breakfast a few times as well. The past couple times that I have went to collect the money I about broke down and cried because of their generosity. I won’t lie, it’s been very rough these past few weeks. But with our towns help we haven’t had to borrow any more money to just simply put it, live.

My dad, aunt, and grandma have also helped out tremendously. And I’ve thanked them all and will continue to thank them each time I can.

A good friend of mine also set up a donation fund for me which did make me cry as we’ve never even met in person. We’ve known each ore for over a year and she’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. We’re sisters even though we are not blood nor have we ever met on person. But we are sisters of the heart and I love her so much. Angelica I want to thank you here as well!

So now every time I go out I always will remember that whoever I meet could’ve possibly put their change in Colton’s jar to help us see Cory and to make it easier on the kids. This gives me a new light on life, an epiphany. I know that there are still bad people out there, and I know quite a few personally. But I also know that there is an enormous amount of good people out there and they outweigh the bad.

So this is just me saying thank you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the most important thing of all prayers and good wishes, and lastly the donations, even though these are important the prayers are way more important to me.



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