Good news and Bad news


Finally I got to see Cory again today! Oh how I’ve missed him! Seeing my husband only once a week really makes me go crazy. The only thing that can bring me down though is when I’m leaving Little Rock… I feel so exhilarated to go see my husband, but then I feel my heart ripping in two knowing that I’m leaving my son.

I finally received a call today from Colton’s social worker, I will have to wait five days before I can reapply to have a room at the Ronald McDonald house. This means I’m going to have to stay home as I know my mother in law would watch my two older children, but with Hunter being a wild child I don’t want to put that stress on her for so long. A day or two isn’t so bad but a whole five days would be mean to her, the children, and me. I also don’t want to be there by myself…I’m a scaredy cat I guess I should say. I want to be with him but I’m too scared to be by myself for so long.

But there’s some good news and bad news besides this. Colton is looking a lot better today. His repogle drain is clearing up, today it’s clear, with a bit of secretions, and a small amount of blood. And his abdominal drain for his liver surgery is also looking good as well. They’re weaning him off the ventilator very slowly but this is because of the cold he contacted as well as the ammonia he somehow got. Yes, so now he’s even more sicker, but like I said before he is looking a lot better. He was sleeping very peacefully when I left.

And then the cutest thing happened, I was talking to him which I do a lot right now as I can’t hold him because of the vent. And I started to talk to him about his daddy finally coming to see him this weekend, he opened his eyes! It was so freaking adorable! I swear he’s already a daddy’s boy!

So please still keep my baby boy in your thoughts and prayers he still needs them so much right now especially with having to deal with being sick and trying to heal from his liver surgery.


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