Mixed emotions


As we are traveling down to Little Rock I’m experiencing such a multitude of emotions. Exhilaration, sadness, guilt, happiness, and much more. My mother-in-law is watching the kids tonight so Cory and I can visit Colton alone. And I just hate leaving any of my kids anywhere. I hate that I have to leave my youngest son in another city just so I can clean the house and take care of my home.

Well, today is looking a lot better as Colton is finally on the mend! Today he is almost 7 pounds 11 ounces, they took the PICC line off (HE IS IV FREE!!!!!, the cannula is off now as well, and he’s off the warmer! Woohoo! Hopefully this surgery works for good and he won’t need to go in for liver surgery.

I also have to express how much we’re filled with gratitude for all of the donations put in Colton’s jar at Marvin’s an the Buss Stop. This has helped us be able to go back and forth and even towards groceries.

Cory and I are minutes away (he’s driving, of course)I have 27 bottles of my milk in the trunk, and as soon as we get to ACH I immediately have to run to the lactation room to keep it all fresh. And then we get to give Colton’s his bath, I am so exhilarated to see my baby boy! I am jumping for joy that I get to hold that handsome little fighter.


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