Well just found out that the money we receive from my old Pontiac is going to our tags. I pray that they are not too expensive. We just need a break even if its a small one. I have called a dozen day cares today, praying that there is an opening. I need and want a job that does not separate me from my kids. I absolutely do not want someone else raising them. And at a day care I would be able to bring them with me. I successfully found one that may be a “maybe”, but I won’t know till the beginning of August. Hopefully with my experience watching kids, ha ha, I will quickly get it.

I’ve tried being a stay at home mother for five years, it is just way too difficult. And now, with the car payments, we cannot afford to let me stay home.

Oh I love being with my kids, I know I’ve never been more happier holding them and watching them grow. Right now my two older kiddos are sleeping e day away as I’m holding Colton. Yup, been holding him since 6am this morning…did I get all the sleep I needed or wanted? Nope..but that’s ok.

Anyways Colton’s head circumference is going up again. I pray that it stops because if not then were going to have to go down on another separate trip just for a shunt…so I know I’m not a religious person, I don’t pray to any god or person. But I pray that my son will get through these troubles because I’m more scared than anyone.


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