Poor girly


Well Cheyenne has done so-so today on learning how to use the potty all most of the time. Her mouth is pretty sore after taking a big fall yesterday. The poor girl was going after the wii remote as her brother was trying to keep it away from her, the little booger. Thank goodness it closed really fast. I’m cleaning it with peroxide twice a day, with coconut oil, and a little breastmilk. Haha I know many of you may think its weird but I’ve learned a few tricks during my five plus years of motherhood. For example, the best trick on diaper rash is to give them a nice bath, lather with coconut oil and let them run as naked as the day they were born. There you go, that’s my biggest secret. 😉

Colton is sleeping in my arms, and I’m dreading all of the appointments this month. It is wicked crazy on how expensive this one trip can cost. I have to do it more than once this month as well. So I finally broke down and called Helping Hands and they said they would help since I am not a regular. S hopefully I can get enough for gas on the trip down, not just once but hopefully twice.

Fingers crossed

Oh and now we have a well known celebrity, Jamie Grayson! I love his reviews even though I know I can’t afford to buy anything. Haha on me. But he is pretty cool and hilarious with Angry Baby.

Oh well, going to relax and look for some cheap rental houses in my area and some day cares. Oh yes, I figured that if I could work at a day care I could bring the kids with me. Sounds reasonable right? And I have plenty of experience with babies and children, I know how I prepare formula and handle breastmilk. And it would be nice for my kids to have some more interaction with others.


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