Monthly Archives: August 2013

DIY Mommy


The days are getting colder and we can finally escape the restraint’s of the house! Here in Arkansas, the humidity can make it feel 10 even 20 degrees hotter! I’ve been trying to keep my mind off Colton’s next MRI, he may need a shunt soon…

Well, I’ve been keeping my mind off the craziness by delving into the world of DIY. So far this week I have made a baby carrier out of 3 t-shirts and a ribbon. I even put up a picture. I’m working on finishing my hem on my new baby wrap out of a 100% cotton skirt. Next I will make one out of a bed sheet!

So now that im turning into a crafty, healthy hippie mommy…I feel like its not enough…

I feel that sometimes im not doing enough for my family even though im so tired waking up. I say this after I did another load of laundry and cleaning up the house after everyone had fallen asleep. Its the only time I have to keep it clean longer than a few minutes!

So as I sit here thinking to myself I wonder how next month will turn out at Colton’s MRI. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers as always.


Finally settling in


For the past few days I have finally seen that even the kids are more at peace then the first day we brought Colton home. Colton’s MRI went great over his head and soon we’ll know more on his liver.

Colton is over 12 pounds now! He’s smiling, cooing, and receiving so much love from all of us.

A wonderful lady, owner of

Zippy Hippie Mama sent the kids and I our very own amber necklaces. They are so beautiful!!!