Monthly Archives: October 2013

My son a living miracle


Finally got back home this last Saturday from Arkansas Children’s hospital. This time it was for a brain infection… On the 6th I took Colton to the ER for a 101.7 fever and irritability. Well, turned out that yes, he had a brain infection. They took out shunt and placed a temporary drain in. And on the 14th he had an MRI to see if he was a candidate to get an etv (endoscopy third ventriculostomy). Well he was! So they immediately took him in and did the surgery (his third brain surgery in a month!) and revised his tongue tie as well. Spent almost two weeks there this go around. Now we have to play the wait and see game to see if it works. If not we will have to go in again to have another shunt placed. Only been home for four days but I keep worrying if we’ll have to go back in for another round of worries. Sometimes I believe that this will be my life and that we will become frequent flyers. No seriously though, Colton has been in a helicopter twice. I’ve been in a helicopter once and an airplane all to Arkansas Children’s hospital. I try and keep my hopes up but it is hard. I’m just lucky I have some great friends and family to help us throughout these hard times and you know who you are.