This page will be for all of the other blogs, facebook pages, etc that I love.

1. Lactation Connection Cheap, affordable, for all of your lactation needs! She also sells adorable baby slings and nursing clothes. She is also the owner of Amamante Nursing Wear and Mama Java her facebook page is easy to find but ill leave you a link to get there even quicker! Lactation Connection

2. The Progressive Parent Julie is a very inspiring women that I wish I lived closer to so I could meet her. She writes beautifully and is very passionate. Her words have made me realize that there is nothing I can do to make my kids more protective and secure than they already are. I just have to keep on and possibly even love them more than I do right now. You can also find her on facebook at The Progressive Parent

3. I also love Pinterest it’s a secret well not so much maybe, passion of mine, I know ill never do half the stuff but I have learned a lot. Like how to make prefolds, fold prefolds, and how to clean poop off them. I’ve found a lot of tutorials that I use with my kids for their homeschooling. 🙂 if you want to see my obsessed boards you can go to My Pinterest


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