Here I will post all my updates on surgeries, diagnosis, etc.


Colton was born at 4:08 pm and transported via helicopter to ACH.


Colton went through surgery to correct his duodenal atresia.


Colton did have biliary atresia and had the biliary bypass surgery. I had to beg and plead to get a hypothetical and estimated discharge date. . . We “may” be able to bring him home in a month. I sure hope so. I miss my husband. I miss being able to wake up every morning with him. I miss the small things. I can not wait for the day for Cheyenne and daddy to meet Colton. I can not wait for the day for daddy to hold his son. That day cannot come soon enough.


Colton is still in surgery. Called a little while ago and that means he’s in having the biliary bypass surgery done. :-/ Which breaks my heart because I just wish he could get over all of these surgeries. Get over all of the needles and Ivs. And just come home…it’s more depressing knowing that Cory still hasn’t held his youngest child and he’s only saw him once. The videos I take of him are just not enough.


We finally brought Colton home!


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